What Kind of Support Can You Outsource for Your Sales Department?

MS Services Sales support solutions cover all the functions, roles, and technologies, needed to support a fast moving sales team. We can support the full scope of your sales cycle, with dedicated or shared (but no less dedicated) resources.

If you are operating a business that’s growing fast and has a need to increase sales capacity – rapidly. The one sure fire way to slow growth and move backwards, is to lean more heavily on the team who got you there in the first place.

Sales success is a double edged sword. An amazing team can deliver rapid growth. But can sometimes become swamped as the team’s workload increases.

In a growing business, sales team development can happen at a much slower pace than our business is moving. Which means we sometimes have to place a lot of that strain on the team who are responsible for that growth.

Of course, with the best will in the world, added pressure on the sales team is only ever a short term solution. But also it can be the beginning of a chain of events which puts the brakes on your momentum.

Here’s a common scenario we meet when developing sales teams

Sales rep (A) delivers above quota month on month. He and his sales department identify an urgent need to increase sales team capacity. They begin the hiring process for sales rep (B).

This is Poland, so let’s factor a three month exit period for the new candidate. After the initial two months of searching, of course.

…Five months is a long time. Too long to have your most successful sales rep or team overloaded. And it can sometimes spur a downward cycle in your sales growth.

In the meantime sales rep (A) takes on the extra capacity. At some point his growth cycle and or his productivity begins to drop.

Now the department heads get nervous and put pressure on the HR team. This can lead to shortcuts being taken in the hiring process.

At this point, the future of your sales team is being driven by a fear of losing momentum. And not the need to correctly support your sales growth.

That is when things can really start to go wrong for a sales team.

And this is why it can make sense to call in the services of a professional sales support agency, like MS Services. With a comprehensive national reach and an extensive pool of experienced candidates available. We are usually ready to jump straight in anytime our partners most need us.

In this article I will share some of the functions we support in our clients’ sales departments.

First How Do We Define Sales Support?

We cover the widest possible definition of sales support.

Our field teams are spread across many sales disciplines. From B2B lead generation, key account & sales team management. All the way through to consumer sales, marketing and promotions.

We have also developed the widest possible portfolio of back office support functions. Fleet management, recruitment, HR, customer support and IT services. Up to and including virtual office services.

We have Two Types of Support Team

We offer both sales and customer support services.

Our sales support teams help our clients to sell products across their key sales channels. B2B, B2C, HORECA, eCommerce and marketplaces as examples.

Our customer support teams, support clients who understand the need to build compelling consumer connections. But who may not have the resources, inhouse capacity or FTE for such a role.

In our business both teams are connected at the hip. Because both are equally valuable to the entire sales process.

How Sales Support Can Help Your Business

In a nutshell. We can help keep business moving faster. We can ensure that you don’t overload your key team members. And can jump in to quickly support any rapid bursts of sales growth, for as long… or short, as needed.

We train and manage our sales support teams, to ensure they are ready to support anything a business can throw at them.

So your core sales team can continue to focus on what they do best.

How Customer Support Can Help Your Business

A happy customer is a never ending cycle. The sales function only exists to convince them there is a compelling reason to buy your product(s).

Our customer support teams are there to prove that there is a compelling reason to buy into your vision.

Also, as sales rep (A) is a valuable asset to your sales numbers. It’s probably not wise to have him directly involved in dealing with after sales communications. But also not wise to keep him out of the loop.

This is when our customer support teams come into play. Working closely with your sales team. Our customer support continues to enhance your brand’s connection with end customers.

This happens across a wide variety of channels these days. And that support is expected to happen as and when it’s requested.

So sales teams can lose focus if they are required to multitask between sales and always on omni-channel support. Yet, can remain at full speed ahead if the customer care team has their back, and keep them looped in with issues and solutions.

Customer satisfaction & brand loyalty are the main focus of our customer support teams. Keeping excess pressure off sales teams gives the business a clear path to more success.


None of this works without clear and constant communications. Your team and your outsourced support teams need to act as one – from day one.

All our support professionals have exceptional interpersonal skills. As they’ll always be working within teams who are already very skilled at what they do, we have to be sure not to add workload to your teams during the onboarding process.

Our teams are able to digest new information processes and data quickly. This allows them to hit the ground running, at a similar pace to your core team. With the same passion for your products and services.

An MS Sales Support team member must have a natural ability to connect with people first. But also to digest and share critical information. Which in turn will help to push your business forward, and thats why MS Services are a number one choice for sales support in Poland.

If you want to know more about how MS Services can support your sales support needs? Get in touch today! With 20 years of sales support under our belt and a team of almost 4000 support professionals to call on. We are always ready to deploy any number of sales support functions, right across Poland.

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