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MS Live Pop-up shops are a fantastic opportunity for online brands, to connect with customers and drive sales

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The benefits of pop-up stores for ecommerce brands

In-person activation can help strengthen a brand’s relationship with its customers and lure consumers who might not have encountered it online.

A powerful experiential marketing strategy
Go where your target audience is
Get immediate feedback about your brand
Perform market research on future store locations
A new channel for customer acquisition

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Fueling brand interactions through exclusive, limited, in person experiences.

Whether you’re an online retailer looking to build a physical connection with your customers, or simply looking to create some excitement around your brand, a pop-up shop could be the perfect solution.

Event pop-ups

Companies often use pop-up stores to generate buzz around marketing events, like a new product launch, a rebrand, or a company announcement.

A SWAS (Store Within A Store) pop-up

A SWAS pop-up shop can be done as a permanent or temporary strategy, but ultimately, the goal is to drive more traffic into the store and reach an entirely new audience.

Leased storefront pop-ups

Similar to your typical brick and mortar shop, a storefront pop-up will have a lease. The difference? It’s short-term. This means its a more affordable and less risky business move for your ecommerce store.

Mobile pop-ups

Think food trucks, but for your products or brand. Mobile pop-up shops are a temporary retail space… on wheels!

Temporary experiences can be experiments

Some pop-ups become testing grounds where brands can try concepts including new products, store designs, and technology tools. Brands with existing stores can test ideas for their permanent locations, and online-only sellers can see how consumers respond to a brick-and-mortar showroom.

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