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Turn-key Go-To-Market Solutions
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MS Services offer the most cost-effective approach to developing your product launch and brand communications on the Polish market.

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Cost Saving

Our shared or dedicated teams are ready to optimize your sales and marketing activities in the Polish market.

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Over 4000 active professionals on the market every day
Close to 100% market coverage
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MS Services Turn key Go-To Market Solutions

MS Services offer the most cost-effective approach to developing your product launch and brand communications on the Polish market.

Strategy Development

We help brand partners to find the most sustainable route to market. Using the latest digital tools, industry insights and shared team resources to optimize market launch costs. 

Sales & Marketing

With a team of more than 4000 sales & marketing professionals across the country, MS Services have the correct experience and scale to support even the most comprehensive launch strategies both on and offline.

Supply Chain Management

Working with our logistics partners we have managed solutions for accommodating B2B, Gastro, HORECA and direct-to-consumer market launches.

Legal and Accounting

Whether you’re selling directly from your corporate head office anywhere around the world or building your own legal entity here in Poland, MS Services and partners can help make the process simple and cost-effective. 

Events Promotions and Merchandising

MS Services is a leader in merchandising solutions here in Poland. With active teams in every region and every chain, we are best placed to help promote your products in the best possible way.

Customer Care & Support

MS Services’ in-house customer care teams have an omnichannel focus. We manage fixed support lines and digital customer care channels for a fraction of the cost of your own dedicated teams.

Omni Channel Sales Support Services

From outsourced & dedicated key account management to shared cost or commission-based sales team management, we can tailor a sales solution for every market approach.

If you have any questions you can always contact our sales support team who and will reply asap.

Brand Management

We help you to get your brand in front of your target consumers and show retailers why it makes sense to stock your products in the most cost-effective way.

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Omni Channel Sales Support

Our Brand Launches Get Real Results

Private Label Sales

With thousands of feet on the ground in stores across the country every day, feeding back the latest trends on private label placement and pricing across all the major chains.

DTC Solutions

Our dedicated e-commerce and marketplace teams are helping producers own brands to unlock new revenue streams from low-cost direct-to-consumer channels and marketplaces.

Gastro & Food Production

For more than 20 years MS Services have been working with the most important FMCG producers on the market. Giving us unparalleled access to decision-makers in food sales and production.

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