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We will adjust the best solutions to your needs

Effective distribution

We increase your efficiency in the area of ​​sales activities - we ensure the agreed level of sales, distribution and execution of central arrangements. We will use KAM structures to negotiate with commercial networks and key distributors.

We will recruit an effective team to achieve the set goals in a dedicated or shared model.

We will select the optimal base of points of sale for the traditional and / or modern market.

We will create a sales support force to introduce a new product / service.

Professional reports as standard

Responsibility for the results

We will take full responsibility for the sales side and display parameters.

We will ensure the effectiveness of the organization - the appropriate quality and number of trade visits, thanks to the implemented audit procedures.

Our qualified analytical team will develop a dedicated report structure and ensure regular data distribution.

Cyclical operational and strategic meetings (weekly, monthly, yearly) and joint field meetings of MS forces and the client will allow us to quickly respond to market challenges.

Modern HR technologies

Planning with the team

Our competitive advantage is advanced HR processes. We effectively carry out the recruitment process thanks to our own, extensive database of candidates and referrals. The ATS (eRecruiter) platform provides us with a quick exchange of information between the HR - Candidate and the Regional Manager.

We respond quickly to recruitment challenges thanks to the innovative HR Bot solution. It is a virtual recruitment assistant that asks the candidate about availability, location and forwards the contact to our HR department, which arranges a meeting.

We also use modern methods of motivation, both in the form of bonus systems and in the form of gamification.

We are able to monitor the onboarding process and the development of employees' competences thanks to the TalentMS platform.

We care about low turnover in the team by providing employees with training, a cafeteria system of benefits and the possibility of development within the company's structures.

Administrative Model

As part of the service, we will hire a group of employees selected by you, provide HR and payroll services, equip the team with the necessary work tools: cars, smartphones, tablets, the SFA mobile system. We will also ensure effective recruitment and selection in the event of team rotation.

One point of contact

A dedicated Project Manager coordinates employment, the release of work tools, the implementation of your employees and the settlement of the costs of the service provided.

HR and payroll services

We carry out the process of calculating and paying remuneration on time, while maintaining confidentiality and protection of personal data.

Support by phone, e-mail, intranet

We are in constant contact by phone and e-mail with employees, providing them with support in the field of administrative processes.

Settlement of business costs

We automate accounting processes by offering electronic document flow and advanced tools: Workflow, e-invoices, e-delegations.

Service of IT equipment / telephones / car fleet

We provide full service of inspections and loss adjustment, we provide the user with a replacement vehicle/equipment, and we support him in contact with the insurer.

Recruitment and selection

We will ensure effective recruitment and selection in the event of rotation in the team.

Sales outsourcing

By maximizing the use of sales force outsourcing in selected areas of operation, we enable our clients to focus on their core business, reducing the involvement of their own resources.

Performance management

We enforce sales parameters


We use advanced reporting systems


We try to understand the company's environment, goals and needs


We build professional sales teams

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