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Need merchandising support?
Please contact us for additional information and specialist pricing.

We manage the real-time online merchandising service

Perfect product presentation

The mobile reporting application allows us to arrange services and have a real impact on the level of implementation and the manufacturer’s orders. At the same time application gives us the possibility of checking compliance with the merchandiser’s visit schedule (presence) at individual locations, according to the schedule and quality of completed tasks.

We provide agreed SLAs, and deliver KPIs

Responsibility for the results

We manage customer-critical information, i.e. staffing, service continuity, availability of key SKUs, execution of central arrangements. In the Customer panel, we provide constantly updated, aggregated data via a web application. We create dedicated reports tailored to the client’s needs.

100% execution - We will execute the terms and conditions contracted
by your company with retail chains

If you do not have contracts with retail chains yet, ask for an offer.

We react quickly to a registered problem

Operational Support Team

Our team of reporting system administrators, which cooperates with the nationwide structure of regional coordinators and project managers, ensures our quick response.

We operate in accordance with the developed procedures. In the event of improper performance, we react immediately.We correct any errors on an ongoing basis by sending short system messages to merchandisers and coordinators.

We train, provide development, and provide permanent employment

Low rotation in the team

The key element of the successful implementation of the merchandising service is effective operation of the HR function.The biggest challenges of today’s market are maintaining low – less than 10 percent – turnover and high retention of field forces. Our strategy includes service bundling, a cafeteria benefit system, online product and onboarding training and the possibility of development in the structures of the organization.

We respond quickly to recruitment challenges thanks to the innovative HR Bot. The Virtual Recruitment Assistant will ask the candidate for availability, locations and forward the contact to our team of administrators who will call the candidate and arrange a meeting with the coordinator.

Systems that support our services

From recruitment and selection, through signing contracts, onboarding and employee training, to service management - we complete all steps more efficiently and faster based on IT programs.

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